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Real Estate - 211200€

(Real Estate - 211200)
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Please note: for cashback to be credited, the user must assign a wallet on . 

You can learn more about how to do this in this tutorial 


Real Estate Cashback Program 


The Real Estate Cashback Program participants get a unique opportunity to purchase modern luxury real estate in Dubai and Cyprus with a profit of up to 100%!


To participate in the program, you need to take the follow steps:      

  • Choose a desired property. For a consultation, please contact a support service ( Dubai - Phone no: +97150 943 5435 / Aziz; Email: ) with a request for consulting on the real estate program. You will be provided with a consultant to help you with all the documents. Once choices have been made, you will be able to pay for a voucher that is suitable for you.
  • Purchase a package of certificates suitable for the property you have chosen. Do this on the website for USDT. 
  • After you have paid for it, the first certificate will be available for activation on the website. You will receive the other certificates every month for a year. 
  • After having your first certificate activated, you need to transfer the required sum from your balance on the website to the developer. Provided that, the apartment is immediately registered as your property — our consultant will help you with this.
  • Cashback starts being transferred to your wallet 13 months after paying for your package. Up to 100% of the cost is paid as cashback in PLCUC in 12 equal installments. 

The cost of this package is 211,200 euro. It includes 12 certificates with a nominal value of 17,600 euro each.

Real Estate Cashback Program is a fantastic opportunity to get the world's most liquid real estate objects with maximum benefit. And all this is thanks to the unique blockchain technologies and smart contracts created by the Ultima PLC team! 


This product includes 12 vouchers of the same value. The activation code becomes available to the user on the website at every month.


A package of 12 vouchers is paid in full at a time in USDT. You can purchase the package only on the website at


For purchasing a voucher, the user receives cashback in PLCUC up to 100% of the cost. Cashback begins to arrive on the user's wallet 13 months after payment of the voucher and is paid in 12 equal installments during a year.


Please also note that the certificate issuance may take 14 banking days.




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  1. Real Estate - 211200€
    It is unbelievable experience of
    Economic revolution

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  2. Real Estate - 211200€
    This is incredible, I have never seen before tike this

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  3. Real Estate - 211200€
    Good one

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